A Twist on the Easter Pageant: Stow Residents in Corpus Christi Production

Two Stow residents to perform in controversial play.

Two Stow residents will perform in the provocative play Corpus Christi written by Terrance McNally and produced by Akron’s Heads Up Productions.

The play, which will be performed April 21 through April 23 at First Grace United Church of Christ in Akron, is a contemporary retelling of the Christian gospels. Set in modern-day Texas, the play has created controversy everywhere it has been performed because of its inclusion of homosexuality as part of  the Christian tradition.

 Stow resident TJ Jozsa is one of the creators of Heads Up Productions and is part of the play’s ensemble. After graduating from, he went on to perform in productions like You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, A Christmas Carol, The Laramie Project, Eurydice, and 1,000 Hills. He has also produced For Colored Girls ... and A Woman Called Truth. Jozsa is a political science and pre-law major at the University of Mount Union.

 Nici Romo, also a Stow resident, has performed in The Laramie Project and 1,000 Hills for Heads Up Productions and was in Working for the Stow Players and Zombie Prom for Aurora Community Theater. She is the mother of three children and is a theater major at The University of Akron. She will also be part of the ensemble.

 First Grace United Church of Christ is located at 350 South Portage Path, Akron. All performances take place at 7 p.m. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the door, by calling 330-990-5138 or by clicking here.

Amanda Harnocz April 20, 2011 at 06:43 PM
Thanks Ed Kent, and thank you for participating on the site.
Ed Kent April 20, 2011 at 07:49 PM
I didn't say anything bad about Scene. It knows it's readers and when it does have articles, comments or cartoons on Christianity it usually follows a more controversial and some might say mocking slant. It rarely would promote an actual Passion play or true Easter musical, but throw in a 'Jesus' or 'disciples' depicted as practicing homosexuals and Scene will do a story on it. I'm not saying they shouldn't, but I would hope StowPatch knows it's readers aren't the more abundant 'alternative' (of all persuasions) readers like that of Scene. Surely, StowPatch readers are more of a mixture. Just some balance to keep in mind. Not that this article isn't interesting, but let's see some more information about some mainstream Easter celebrations too. BTW, I have friends who are not hetrosexual, but when they accepted Christ's love and salvation they are no longer in sin and like all must do, they walk as He walked. The Bible says Jesus was tempted in all ways, yet did not sin. Being tempted and acting upon that temptation are two different things. I understand the message this particular play tries to get out and want others to realize I'm not prejudice. But, a true message of Easter also includes the sin-free life Jesus lived. Forgiveness, love and living a new life without the works of the flesh (Gal. 5:19-21) is possible because of Easter.
Jenna Bates April 22, 2011 at 09:03 PM
Ed, also keep in mind that one of the primary reasons this came to my attention is because two Stow residents are involved.
Jill A. Smith April 26, 2011 at 02:15 PM
Amanda & Jenna, If there was coverage of Holy Week events taking place in Stow, I missed it. Like Mr. Kent, I saw plenty of coverage of this play, taking place in Akron, but nothing happening in the community. As a pastor, I know that I can submit information, but it would have been nice for Stow Patch to cover the community events. I got a call late on Friday asking what we were doing for Easter. The community Good Friday service had been over for hours at that point. I appreciate the coverage you do and really enjoy getting daily updates of what is happening in Stow. Keep up the good work. Pastor Jill PS The Stow National Day of Prayer service is being held on Thursday, May 5 at 7:15am at Stow Glen Birch Hall. It is sponsored by the Stow-Munroe Falls Christian Minister's Association and the Stow-Munroe Falls Kiwanis. Please contact me if you would like more info.
Amanda Harnocz April 26, 2011 at 02:29 PM
Hi Jill, thanks for your comment. We did post services for Saturday and Sunday. We dropped the ball on Good Friday celebrations. Thanks for letting us know about the National Day of Prayer service! I'll have a freelancer contact you soon!


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