Cheapest Gas Prices in Stow Friday

The cheapest fuel in Stow is at Speedway.

Need to fill up for the weekend?

Here is a list of the four cheapest fuel prices in Stow today courtesy of GasBuddy.com:

  • (4969 Fishcreek Rd.): $3.43/gallon
  • BP (3349 Kent Rd.): $3.49/gallon
  • (4936 Fishcreek Rd.): $3.53/gallon
  • BP (3050 Graham Rd.): $3.53/gallon

The highest reported gas price is $3.55/gallon at Sheetz (950 E. Steels Corner Rd.). Compared to the national average, Akron metro area gas prices are 20 cents lower ($3.47/gallon) than the rest of the country ($3.67/gallon).


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