On Tap: Good Food, Free Popcorn

Stow eatery offers draft root beer, free popcorn and delicious food.

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My girlfriend and I went to on a beautiful Wednesday night. The air was cool, the sun was setting and our stomachs were growling. Upon entry to the restaurant, the hostess asked if we would like some free popcorn. Other than Edison's in Tremont, this was a first for us. It was a very welcome surprise to start the meal.

To start, both my girlfriend and I got root beer, which is, appropriately enough, on tap at the restaurant ($1.95/pint; no free refills). Root beer has been one of my favorite sodas growing up, and it being on draught makes it taste even better. To go along with our root beer, we ordered stuffed hungarian peppers ($6.99) and a basket of fried banana peppers ($4.99). The stuffed peppers were stuffed with a ground beef mixture and covered with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. Three came to a plate, and it's recommended that these be shared. The fried banana peppers taste exactly how they sound: delicious. They come with a side of some sort of sour cream dipping sauce, and are a great value since quite a few come in the basket. 

For my main meal, I landed on the BBC sandwich, which translates to breaded buffalo chicken ($8.49). This is an alternative to the regular buffalo chicken sandwhich that has a grilled piece of chicken breast rather than fried. Since I was already in the hole with enough fried food I decided to go big.

The sandwich is a marinated chicken breast which is then lightly breaded and deep fried. It's covered with On Tap's original wing sauce (I assume this can be replaced with one of their other sauces, but I didn't ask), topped with jalapenos, lettuce, tomatoes and served with a side of bleu cheese dressing. There was plenty of heat in this sandwich, but not enough to where I was breaking a sweat while eating.

My girlfriend decided on the Italian panini ($8.49), which is salami, pepperoni, ham, mozzarella cheese, oregano, parmesan cheese and italian dressing all served between two slices of sourdough and pressed together. The sandwich was good, if not a little greasy. I suppose that should be expected with all of those Italian meats put together, though. The sandwich was good but not something I would necessarily order for myself. Both sandwiches came with a heaping pile of fresh-cut fries.

Overall, On Tap offers good food, good atmosphere (there's an outdoor area for cornhole) and great root beer on tap.


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