Study: Krieger’s Parking Lot Would Suffer Net Loss of 19 Spaces in Proposed Widening Project

An engineering consulting firm, hired by Mike Krieger's attorney, details impact of widening project on Graham Road.

Results from an analysis conducted by an outside engineering firm regarding the impact of a proposed ODOT widening project along Graham Road were recently sent to members of Cuyahoga Falls City Council and the .

In this study, Wade Trim Engineer David Neumeyer said the “negative impacts and loss of parking spaces” to the parking lot would be substantial.

Neumeyer was hired by Mike Krieger's attorney team to look into the current design for the widening of Graham Road and determine exactly how many parking spots would vanish as a result.

The attorneys representing the longtime market’s owner plan to address Council Monday night during the miscellaneous business portion of the meeting.

While Krieger's attorneys only have three minutes to address City Council,  the same goes for members of the administration, who are second in line and plan to respond.

Calls to the city law director’s office, engineer’s office and the Robert Hager, Krieger's attorney, were not immediately returned as of 4 p.m. Monday, but Cuyahoga Falls Patch plans to follow-up with both parties this evening.

Study Details

Neumeyer was hired by Krieger’s attorney to create a design exception request, which would exclude the section of Graham Road from Wyoga Lake Road and Oakwood Drive to 7th Street from the proposed project.

Based on the latest designs for the project, Neumeyer’s findings show a net loss of 19 parking spaces.

“The proposed widening would result in a total of 14 allowable front parking stalls, including two required handicapped stalls. Your business will suffer a net loss of 19 parking spaces to your front lot.”

The design exception request is expected to be sent to ODOT within two weeks, according to Hager.

Mentioned later in the report: If a tree and cart bin are not removed, an additional parking space would be lost due to the widening project.

The parking lot currently allows for 33 parking spaces.

In a Sept. 19 letter to Krieger’s Health Food Market, Neumeyer said to Krieger in the report that “because the impacts to your front parking are severe, we believe there is sufficient engineering and economic justification to submit the request.”

In addition, Neumeyer said the Wyoga Lake access point would be changed from an entrance and exit to an entrance only. As a result, he said customers from the front parking lot would not be able to exit the lot without driving through a third parcel located to the west of the store.

As noted in the report, the analysis by Wade Trim was based on the standards published by the parking industry, including Guidelines for Geometrics, Dimensions of Parking, Fifth Edition, Automobiles, Roads, and Parking  Principles.

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Robin Anderson September 27, 2011 at 03:15 AM
Ever hear of private property rights? What about failure to maintain an assured safe clearing distance from the car in front of you? Ever hear of the Darwinian Motto: Make it idiot-proof and someone will make a better idiot?
Heather N. Peters September 27, 2011 at 01:20 PM
I like how the city of Cuyahoga Falls sent a letter to my home in regards to me signing the petition for Kriegers... it told me there would not be much land taken and that it would not hinder their business. It went on to belittle what is happening and here there will be 19 places lost? This is sad. However, the lot to the left of Kriegers that we sometimes must drive around to exit... can we not park back there?!
Heather N. Peters September 27, 2011 at 01:20 PM
Great post Robin
Sumco Res September 27, 2011 at 01:27 PM
It appears to this observer that Mr. Krieger has more money to waste on expensive lawyers than vision on how to improve his business. His total disregard for his customer's safety with the current poor design of the front parking lot entrance says volumes. Furthermore, his gazebo, tractor, and hay bales at various times of the year do little to enhance the flow of traffic and number of parking places in his front lot. While his business may be a popular one, the building itself needs to be upgraded to meet current safety standards. His "office" building on the property presents a traffic flow impediment and visual degradation of the "look" he is trying to achieve. If Mr. Krieger had vision, he would negotiate the moving of that building to the back part of his property as part of the fee for the taking of his front 10 feet. About all Mr. Krieger has done with his ranting is to delay the improvement of Graham Road by at least one year. Furthermore, his actions in complaining to City Council are totally misplaced at this portion of the project, and I suspect he has not won many friends on council because of it.
Robin Anderson September 29, 2011 at 02:10 AM
Ah, well then, please let us know when you decide to open up your private business on your private land in competition with the Kriegers, eh? I'm sure they won't be around too long against that kind of competition. Your observations give way to your personal bias in your description of the situation. While I've not heard of anyone being run down on the Kreiger's property I have heard of many good folk recently being run down on or near the campus of KSU, an entity that tout's it's "excellence". The proposed "improvements" to the intersection of Graham Road/Oakwood Drive are not needed. What's needed there is better enforcement of existing traffic regulations, whether through the proper staffing of our police department or the installation of monitored video equipment to help apprehend and hold accountable those good citizens who are too important to follow said laws.


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