Here's What Stow Residents Want Resolved in Stow in the New Year

What do you think the city of Stow's New Year resolution should be? Here's what a few people said on the Stow Patch social media sites.

Based on a few comments from Stow Patch Facebook followers, residents are missing a community recreation center in the city.

Stow Patch Facebook followers responded to this question just after the New Year: "If you could pick a New Year's resolution for the City of Stow, what would it be and why?"

Here's what they had to say:

"Give us a Natatorium/Rec Center and an ice rink like Cuyahoga Falls!! We need a downtown!!," said Bob Bethany Pontius on Facebook. "We pay a lot of money to belong to the Nat in Cuyahoga Falls ... and lots of entrance fees to Tallmadge Rec for travel basketball games ... we should have our own!" 

This response garnered more than 10 Facebook "likes." 

In the past, the city has asked voters for a levy to help build such a public establishment in Stow but it has been turned down. 

"Maybe its time to try again," said Glen Ward on Facebook.

Some other ideas thrown out there included balancing the budget. 

"Councilman Mike Rasor @MRasor0200 :“@stowpatch: If you could pick a New Year's resolution for the City of Stow, what would it be?” Simple: Let's balance the city's budget!"

In a tongue-in-cheek response, Ward again commented: "The people in Washington should think like Mr. Rasor."

One resident, Allyson Smolko Burley, said she thinks the city should resolve to "Make their website more user friendly!!"

On a lighter note, one Stow Patch Twitter follower said he wants a new sign put up at the high school.

"Larry Longstreth @LarryLongstreth @stowpatch 1. Leave a few trees standing. 2. Put a sign in front of highschool that says 'Not sinking. Shut up.'"

Patch wants to know:

If you could pick a New Year's resolution for the city of Stow, what would it be?


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