How to Use Patch like Facebook

We're all about sharing, so here's some tips we can share about how to use the site to your advantage.

Did you know that you can use Patch just like Facebook?

It's like having a local social media hub. 

Here's how:

  1. Create a : Once you log in (with your full first and last name per our terms of use) you can upload a photo and information to your profile page. You can even login with Facebook!
  2. Leave messages for other users: If you click on a user's name, it will bring up their profile page where you can "Leave a message for your neighbor" on the board. (It's the box located on the far right side of the page.)
  3. Share photos: Patch : "Your Neighborhood Gallery." When you click on the "Gallery" tab next to the "Traffic & Gas" tab, you have a virtual photo album to share your pictures. 
  4. Join the conversation: Every post on the site allows users to comment. Feel like adding your two cents? It doesn't take long to type in your comment and hit submit.
  5. Write posts: Any Stow Patch reader can blog ... about anything! There is no obligation. If you're interested, email Local Editor Amanda Harnocz. Check out all of the current blog posts here in the Local Voices section.
  6. Announce things: Getting married, having a baby, having a milestone anniversary? You can announce it to everyone instantly (and for free) by clicking here
  7. Create events: Having a fundraiser, garage sale or any type of public event you want to share with everyone in Stow? Upload a free event here

Even though you can use the site just like Facebook, don't forget to follow us on Twitter @StowPatch and on the Stow Patch Facebook page!


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