What Happened at the Dec. 8 Council Meeting: Blog

At-large councilman Mike Rasor describes the events of the December 8 meeting of Stow City Council.

Tonight was the final council meeting of the term. My notes are below:

  • The leaf pickup program ended on Thursday. This is the earliest we ever completed it.
  • By a 4-2 vote, council approved a four-year extension of John Earle’s contract. John is the Director of Budget and Management. I voted “no,” as did Joe Hickin. … I think John is one of our best employees. He’s smart. He has invaluable institutional knowledge. I would even call him a friend. However, I believe the practice known as “double-dipping” is wrong. “Double-dipping” is where an employee “retires,” begins to collect his state pension, and then returns to work for the same entity and in substantially the same position. It’s an enormous cost to our state pension system. With that said, this was one of my most difficult votes of the term.
  • I also voted “no” on renewing the contract of Fred Hanson, the course superintendent at Fox Den. Since the city took over the course, it has been no secret that Hanson and golf pro Tom McKinney don’t get along. It’s gotten to the point where Hanson does not technically even answer to McKinney, which is the standard chain of command at every other golf course. We have serious problems at Fox Den, particularly with the conditions of the course, and this sort of personnel issue only makes things worse. Hanson’s legislation passed by a 4-2 vote.
  • We voted to cancel our scheduled meeting for December 29, which means this term is over, as is the 16-year council career of Janet D’Antonio. I would like to thank her for her dedicated service to the city. What I liked most about Janet was that we could have an intense debate, but she would be friendly afterward. That is missing too often from our politics.

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Danielle Waskowski December 09, 2011 at 09:01 PM
Mrs. D'antonio has been one of the kindest, most wonderful people i have had the pleasure of knowing throughout my life. Thank you for you service Janet, I WILL MISS YOU! but, I will still see you around town :0) enjoy your "retirement" lol you have finished with a job well done!
Jack Kelly December 12, 2011 at 04:02 PM
Double-dipping, although not popular, IS legal. For as much as people complain about it, I am surprised that someone or a PAC has not gone through the steps to put this on the ballot state-wide. You know darn well that our elected statewide office holders won't. Because they're too busy ripping away rights of other workers & rights of women. But, I digress. LOL As far as the golf course, I'm not a golfer, but the constant complaining of the golf course has passed the point of "old" already. People are quick to suggest unloading this, but I could not DISAGREE MORE with those sentiments. This golf course is another amenity in Stow for its' residents. Yet, I've have NOT SEEN any suggestions how to improve it or market it for other events BESIDES golf. Has this course ever been marketed for private events? Or for weddings? Although we're slave to Ohio's weather, I can see this place booking weddings (there are options to address weather -- i.e. tents). What about selling advertising WITHIN the golf course to bring in extra money? Are the rates discounted for Stow residents? If not, they should be. Or, hey, maybe we can fence it in and turn into something for dogs, like we did for Bow Wow Beach, and make it FREE so the taxpayers can support the upkeep of that, too. (/sarcasm off).


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