Letter: Move Forward, Vote for Obama

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Four years ago, like many, I asked myself a question: is this the place I wanted for my kids? And the answer was simple: no!

The republicans had badly misused the chance they argued over for decades, our country was foreclosed and for sale, and the democrats would get to try...

Well, today many seeds are planted, with new directions in power-making, new ideas in healthcare, and new lines with new products for American workers to make. Todays talk is of Volts and solar panels, wind turbines and health coverage no matter what — all these things and more are changed. All in four years! And all without the party of Lincoln, I might add!

Some today ask, 'Am I disillusioned with the President?' And that answer is a resounding 'No!' I still want that “shining city on the hill” for America, and for my kids and their kids, too. I want that better direction for America that was promised me, a place where the voice of a hard working person (man or woman) counts. And like few before him, this President is making a difference.

So again I vow to count, with my voice, my vote, and my money, I will keep our new direction. As our President's campaign slogan says: Forward!

Thomas Collins
Garrettsville, OH

Wilburforce September 28, 2012 at 12:51 PM
Health - Education - Welfare Isn't that what we want fro government ? Health for all citizens regardless of class, income, sexual orientation or race ? Education for all regardless of class, income, sexual orientation or race? Welfare protection from threats foreign or domestic regardless of class,income, sexual orientation or race. Which party stands up for those principals ......used to be both !
Myron Holley September 28, 2012 at 05:52 PM
From a de mo rat artical for sure. Head in the sand like big bird, Yep I voted for the dumb as=ed president once. Man never again, How could I be fooled. Me and My family has fought against socializm for ever and to be taken in my this Nazi, Commie, Moa'est, Or what ever you want to call him. Gof for give me.
Jessica Johnson Salamon September 30, 2012 at 06:35 PM
Wow, Myron, could you have thrown in any other scare tactic buzz word? If you have to invoke the Nazi party to win your argument, you have already lost.


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