Stow Teen Linked to FBI's Homicide, Shooting Investigation

Two Summit County men are in custody while the FBI continues its investigation about two men who were lured by a Craigslist ad in southern Ohio.

Two Summit County men, including a junior, are under investigation by several law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, for a suspected connection to a homicide and shooting in southern Ohio.

The two men are in custody and listed as suspects by the Noble County Sheriff Department. Their names have not been released. The high school student is 16 and the second man in custody is 52 and from Akron.

The Akron man is being held in Summit County Jail for charges related to prostitution and his bond was set for $1 million, according to the Akron Beacon Journal.

Officers are investigating the involvement the two Summit County men may have had in luring jobseekers to southern Ohio with a Craigslist ad.

A Florida man was killed and a man from South Carolina was shot after answering and meeting someone from a Craigslist job ad for work on an Ohio cattle farm, according to WPXI.com

"It seems that this was just a ruse to lure victims into the trap, most likely to commit a murder and relieve the deceased of their personal property," Noble County Sheriff Stephen Hannum told the Orlando Sentinel

Read a press release from the Noble County Sheriff Department in the Beacon Journal story.

Special FBI Agent Michael Brooks said no one at the  or the local area is in danger during the ongoing investigation that started in Caldwell, OH.

Brooks, of the FBI's Cincinnatti office, said nobody has been arrested in the investigation as of Thursday evening. However, WPXI.com reports charges are expected Friday.

Action 19 News in Cleveland reports the Noble County Sheriff Department will have a press conference Friday.

The student will not be returning to the high school in the forseeable future, said Superintendent Russ Jones.


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