Grand Theft Taurus; Stolen Handgun; and Toys 'R' Us Theft

The following was pulled from Cuyahoga Falls Police reports dated Dec. 4-5.

Wait, where were the keys?

A Cuyahoga Falls resident reported his purple 2001 Ford Taurus was stolen from the 600 block of Taylor Avenue on Dec. 5.

According to the Cuyahoga Falls Police report, the absent-minded car owner admitted he had left the keys sitting in the ignitionp prior to the theft. Total loss: $2,000.

Caught in the act

Toys ‘R’ Us management caught an employee stealing iPod’s from the store and decided to turn him in on Dec. 4.

The MP3 players, valued at $400, were recovered by the toy store. The employee was fired, cited for theft and is set to appear in Stow Municipal Court on Dec. 11.

Stolen handgun

A man reported that someone slipped into his parked car on Dec. 4 and stole a 9mm semi-automatic handgun and holster from his center console.

The theft occurred in the 1700 block of Broad Boulevard. Total loss: $870.  

Gerald Elekes December 10, 2012 at 09:31 PM
Once again, but without the strange added commentary from yet another anonymous Internet Troll. Agree the guy was careless and should be somehow sanctioned. He's making it more difficult for all the "responsible" gun owners in America. But since when is protecting oneself from a life-threatening criminal "heroic" and not just basic common sense? I hear liberal L.A. has many open spots for like-minded thinkers. Only 14% unemployment, air you can't breathe, English is a second language, 4 out of 10 school children drop out before finishing high school, the PD response time to a serious, life-threatening crime is a little over 7 minutes, and carrying a concealed weapon-- ridiculous! Why, a criminal might get hurt. Can't even buy ammo here! Unfortunately, "gun control" hasn't stopped the 187's yet. To date, only 468 this year. Not sure about aggravated assaults, robberies, car-jackings, rapes, hot prowls, and attempted murders? Ah, big city life... My insider tip-- Pacoima, Sun Valley, Sylmar and San Fernando are nice this time of year-- tamales are hot, and it's X-mas festive in between the Homies capping off rounds into the night sky-- and at each other come Friday and Saturday night after the hooch is downed, the meth is street-distributed, and the machismo is up.
Jeff Mittiga December 10, 2012 at 09:50 PM
The CCW permit program in Ohio is a failure in my opinion. I am aware of 2 murders committed by CCW permit holders in NE Ohio. The murderers were convicted and are now in prison. When a person keeps a gun on their person basically everywhere they go, they are asking for trouble. These permit holders lack adequate training to handle a volatile situation. They are not law enforcement officers. Some of these permit holders may be paranoid about their security or have anger management issues. Some may choose not to back away from confrontations when they should, because they know they have that gun to fall back on. What if the gun discharges and an innocent bystander is injured or killed? Why should police officers making a traffic stop have to worry about whether the person in the car has a CCW permit or not? How many drug dealers have a CCW permit because they don't have a felony conviction yet? Why did George Zimmerman have a CCW permit after he had a history of assaulting a police officer in Florida? Lets go back to a sane society where only trained law enforcement officers are carrying guns in public. We should be hiring more police officers, not laying them off. There are also ways for people to defend themselves without relying on handguns. By the way, I was born and raised in this area and I will not be moving to California or anywhere else. Have a nice day.
Ed Fisher December 10, 2012 at 10:07 PM
Your faith in law enforcement officers is touching. Your generalizations are laughable if they weren't so sad. "These permit holders lack adequate training to handle a volatile situation." You know this HOW ? Based on what ? Look, you're not going to change your mind. I'm not going to change it either. But it's my right to defend myself and my family. More police ? Give me a break. What good are they when you're being car-jacked ? Or when someone is kicking in your door ? Live in the real world, Jeff. If you don't want to assume responsibility for your own safety, fine. But don't sit back and pass judgement and spout generalizations about those of us who protect our own.
Earl Elevant December 11, 2012 at 12:42 AM
How many murders have been committed by people without CCWs? I'll put your two CCW holders up against every hoodrat who shoots someone and call the CCW program a huge success.
Gerald Elekes December 11, 2012 at 06:32 PM
@ED. Some people just don't get the notion of assuming personal responsibility without government babysitting. For them, it's always all or nothing, never engaging in any meaningful dialogue or sensible compromise. "My way or the highway," as it were. As a result, they usually end up getting the short end of the stick in life-- sorta like bringing a knife to a gunfight, or a taser, or pepper spray, or a barking dog, or a cell phone, or verbal judo. On a Code 3, 211-armed, one of my comrades actually blasted the front windshield out of the "Shop" with the "Tube" when she hurriedly "racked it" inside the vehicle instead of carefully out of the side window. So much for that elite "training" theory and zero mistakes in the hands of the dependable and perfect professional.


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