'Craigslist Killing' Update: Detective's Interview with Brogan Rafferty Played in Court

“I did not shoot anyone, sir,” Brogan Rafferty said in one of the tapes.

Fox 8 News reports that three audio tape statements that "Craigslist Killing" suspect Brogan Rafferty gave to police were played in a hearing on Thursday at Summit County Court of Common Pleas. 

The lawyers for the now 17-year-old from Stow,  for the crimes dubbed the "Craigslist Killings," previously . 

According to his lawyer, Rafferty "was coerced by investigators and a public defender who failed to properly research the case before plea negotiations."

Attorneys claimed Rafferty was questioned by a public defender and authorities without his parents or an attorney present after he was .

But, despite the request, three of the statements were played Thursday afternoon. 

In the tapes, Fox 8 reports that Rafferty said, "I did not shoot anyone, sir.”

Watch the Fox 8 video to hear a portion of the audio tapes. 

. If convicted, Rafferty could face life in prison. 


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