Police Inspect Suspected Bomb at Stow Circle K

Stow police offer tips on what to do when finding suspicious items in public.

No explosives were found after a suspicious package was spotted in a wooded lot near the Fishcreek Road Circle K on Monday afternoon.

According to Stow Police Lt. Anne Stirm, a duct-taped, brick-shaped box – found inside a backpack by a passerby – was X-rayed by the Summit County Bomb Squad; and it was determined the package contained nothing harmful.

Stow Patch interviewed Stirm via email, asking what advice she had for residents who come across suspicious materials. 

Stirm submitted the following: 

To distinguish what may be of a suspicious nature, you must first consider the circumstances. For example, at the time BP had created one of the worst, if not the worst, oil spills in history, there were many threats against BP for the way the spill was handled (or not). 

During that time, a customer at our BP station on Kent Road found a large box sitting between the pumps. 

It did not appear to be discarded trash as it was a large box – maybe 20” x 20” x 20”. It was unusual, out of place and at an establishment under scrutiny from many special interest groups – including those that advocate violence to further the cause. 

We called the (Summit County Bomb Squad), explained the situation, they responded and it was a box of toys. The measurement, I guess you could say, is the totality of the circumstances.

(On Monday, Feb. 18), when (a passerby) checked the bag, they noted a brick-like package completely encapsulated in duct tape.

The first thought was illicit drugs – the (Stow Police K-9 Unit) did not indicate that was the case. The next step was to contact the (Summit County Bomb Squad) and provide the info with our concerns of the unknown package. Bomb unit members elected to come out.

The most important advice is to contact the (Stow Police Department at 330-689-5700)  and keep away from the package or item. 

Provide details of its size, appearance, location, why it seems to be suspicious and any suspicious persons who might be associated with the package.


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