Sobriety Checkpoint Coming This Week To A County Near You

The Ohio State Highway Patrol will announce the location of the checkpoint the morning of the operation.

A sobriety checkpoint will be coming to an Ohio county at some point this week, but the Ohio State Highway Patrol has not yet announced where it will be just yet.

The highway patrol announced in a press release that in the next few days, they will say which county, and the exact location will be announced the morning of the checkpoint.

At a in Brimfield on State Route 43 netted 25 arrests from the 582 cars that passed through. Of the 25 arrested, 17 were charged with drunken driving. 

“Based on provisional data, there were 332 [drunk driving] related fatal crashes in which 359 people were killed last year in Ohio,” said Lieutenant Nakia J. Hendrix, Commander of the Patrol’s Ravenna Post, in a prepared statement. “State troopers make on average 25,000 [drunk driving] arrests each year in combating these dangerous drivers. [Sobriety] checkpoints are designed to not only deter impaired driving, but to proactively remove these dangerous drivers from our roadways.”

It's common sense, but the highway patrol urged drivers in a press release to designate a driver if you are drinking or make other travel arrangements.


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