Suspected Meth Activity Leads to Arrest at Walmart

The following was obtained from Stow police reports dated Feb. 10. It does not indicate a conviction.

On Feb. 10, a Stow police officer grew suspicious after he spotted a shopper leaving Walmart with items known to be used in the manufacture of methamphetamine.

The officers stopped the man and was given permission to search his parked car and the passengers in it. 

The officer found a glass pipe belonging to one of the passengers -- a 32-year-old Barberton woman. She was charged with drug paraphenalia, a fourth-degree misdemeanor, and was issued a summons to appear in Stow Municipal Court. 

The shopper was not charged. 

James Thomas February 19, 2013 at 02:35 PM
Bet they TAZED her too! Stow Police are quick on the draw.
James Thomas February 19, 2013 at 02:41 PM
Jack Kelly, Do You ever think You should Stay Under Your Rock?
James Thomas February 19, 2013 at 02:45 PM
Definitely the BANNED JACK KELLY!! PATCH You're Up.
James Thomas February 20, 2013 at 03:28 PM
Sorry everybody, but I'm a big crybaby. When people make fun of me or I don't like what they say, I report them and go crying to Patch. Just like when a 4 year-old goes crying for their Mommy or Daddy when they hurt themselves playing. That's what I do. I also need to admit that I've been banned form this site in the past. When people make fun of me, I just like to make up names and say that that person is someone who has made fun of me in the past or they say things I don't like. Which is why I report a lot of comments using that "flag as inappropriate." I'm your typical Republican nowadays. Not only do I only believe what the right-wing entertainment complex tells me & regularly comment on things I know nothing about, but I'm all for people's rights -- until I'm made fun of or being very uneducated is attacked. Then they have no right to say anything because it hurts my feelings and I go running to Patch and click that 'flag as inappropriate' link until my finger bleeds. Then, if they do not delete comments I do not like, I threaten legal action against them. Again -- like a big baby. My feelings were hurt. I don't really know who's been banned from here because the people who moderate Patch are not allowed to disclose who has been banned and who hasn't. But then again, this is Patch. They let anyone with a pulse be a 'local voice' & they get things wrong often. I'm just an ignorant, aged, do-nothing behind my computer...who needs attention.
James Thomas February 21, 2013 at 01:22 AM
JackderpspotterKelly, your actions prove you to be a coward and a bully. Posing as another poster really is as low as one can get.


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