8 Kent State Employees Honored with President's Excellence Awards

2012 award includes $1,000 bonus

Kent State University President Lester Lefton honored eight of the university's employees with the 2012 President's Excellence Awards.

The award, which is based on a nomination from a fellow employee, includes a $1,000 bonus.

The 2012 awardees are:

  • Veronica Cook-Euell, Supplier Diversity Program Manager
  • Marcy Curtiss, Graduate Secretary Computer Science
  • Thomas Farmer, Maintenance Repair Worker Kent Student Center
  • Dan Karp, Executive Director, Creative ServicesUniversity Communications & Marketing
  • Marlo Kibler, Coordinator, University Benefits/Human Resources
  • Bryan Molnar, Electronic Technician Supervisor Information Services
  • Anissa Strickland, Associate Director Student Financial Aid
  • Cheryl Tennant, Academic Program Specialist Library & Information Sciences

Lefton surprised the recipients with the announcements delivered in person by the president in December.

Chris (Kit) Myers January 05, 2013 at 12:24 PM
Nice to see "little" people getting recognition and a bonus! Is this the same Lester Lefton who has asked the City of Kent to permanently close South Willow Street between College and Main, a closure that would make my house unrentable to anyone with an automobile? Well, Dr. Lefton, let's sit down somewhere and you can explain to me why you would knowingly do that to me, and I can explain to you why I can't possibly sell it to you for the price you offer without totally destroying my retirement plans, which are not, by the way, designed to keep me in an opulent lifestyle. It must be before the 10th of this month because that's when I start advertising and renting rooms for the 2013-2014 academic year. You may bring Mr. Clapper. It will either get resolved to both our satisfactions or it won't. How does Wednesday the 9th look?
silly sally January 05, 2013 at 06:41 PM
let it go kit, let it go...
Chris (Kit) Myers January 05, 2013 at 07:41 PM
It is a matter of economics, silly sally. I am not out to rob the university. I just feel that I am entitled to be compensated to the point where my standard of living does not take a hit, and there is a nice nest egg left for my children when I kick the bucket. I will reluctantly let it go. I will not be happy about it as it is a beautiful old home and I enjoy doing what I do. It is a good feeling to get Christmas cards from tenants who lived there more than twenty-five years ago and to once in a while rent to a child of a previous tenant. It is a good feeling when a tenant smells the roses and goes "ahhh," or thanks me for keeping the sidewalks clear of snow and ice, or thanks me for helping start their car in the wee hours of the morning, or offers me cookies or a cup of coffee or a beer when I am over there doing something.


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