AMATS: Stow Intersection Second Most Dangerous in Summit County

AMATS released a study that places one of Stow's busiest intersections, Graham Road and S.R. 91, as one of the second most dangerous in Summit County.

The Graham Road and S.R. 91 (Darrow Road) intersection in Stow was ranked as the second second highest crash area in Summit County by the Akron Metropolian Area Transportation Study.

About 44,400 vehicles travel through the Graham Road and S.R. 91 daily, according to the study. 

Between 2008 and 2010, there were 101 crashes at that intersection. 

The agency bases its analysis on more than 52,000 crash records from the Ohio Department of Public Safety.  AMATS identifies and ranks high-crash roadways, intersections and freeways by a composite score based on number of crashes, crash rate and severity, according to a press release.

The intersection with the highest crash rate is South Broadway Street and East Thornton Street in Akron with 17,000 daily motorists, 38 accidents with a severity rating of 1.95.

But the figures in Stow come to no surprise to the police department, and likely many motorists.

"Graham and Darrow Road has been in the top 10 in most, if not all, AMATS studies," said Lt. Anne Stirm.

Despite some efforts to improve the intersection, like "widening the road and an additional left turn from eastbound Graham to northbound Darrow," the intersection still ranks high on AMATS list.

Although the accidents are considered to be minor (mostly fender-benders) and rate as a 1.61 in AMATS severity index, Stirm offers some tips to safety travel through Graham and Darrow Roads.

"The most significant tip I could offer is to follow the pavement markings and traffic signals and be aware that oncoming traffic has the right of way when turning left. A few extra seconds waiting to turn could make all the difference," she said.

The police department is trying to influence accidents at that intersection by conducting traffic enforcement.

"Traffic enforcement — warnings or citations — is a proven method in reminding drivers of potential hazards when approaching this or any other intersection," she said.

For a list of other higher ranked crash areas in Stow, click .


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