Brian D'Antonio Running for Council At-Large Seat

D'Antonio pulled his petitions to run for an at-large council seat in November.

Brian D'Antonio, son of , pulled petitions to run for an at-large council seat in November.

D'Antonio, 41, is a life-long Stow resident who has never been in an elected position but said he wants to serve the city because, "I have the ability to make tough decisions that are in the best interest of the entire community and [I have] the ability to follow through with the individual concerns of residents."

D'Antonio said he has some concerns of his own for the city as well.

"I am concerned about the lack of balance between business development and residential development. This is nothing new, just something the city needs to continue to work on ... we have practically maxed out with residential development and have a difficult time in growing and bringing more business to Stow," he said. "I am also concerned that the city needs to continue to work to not only bring business and development to the city, but  needs to make Stow a more desirable place to purchase a home and raise a family."

D'Antonio said although he's never been in an elected position, both of his parents have been involved as a councilmember and his father, Dick D'Antonio, was deputy service director.

“I’ve always been interested in Stow city government ... a desire to serve this community was instilled in me at an early age. We were raised to develop and express our own opinions and to take an active role in the betterment of our community," he said.

D'Antonio has concerns for the city, but he also has goals for Stow if elected.

"My foremost goal will be to bring in new businesses and expand our economic base to create long-lasting jobs in Stow," he said. "I can offer strong, positive leadership based on my experience and direct responsibility for guiding four branches of my company through tough times. I am also committed to fiscal responsibility, a balanced budget, and economic development in our community."

If elected, D'Antonio said he wants to serve the community with a "a positive attitude; the ability to work with the public and city employees; an understanding of budgets; the ability to make tough decisions that are in the best interest of the entire community and the ability to follow through with the individual concerns of residents."

D'Antonio is involved in the community by being a Stow-Munroe Falls Community Foundation boardmember, a member of the Solon and Beachwood Chambers of Commerce and the Stow Republican Club. He also served on the Stow Charter Review Commission.

Brian D'Antonio is a network manager for Berger Transfer & Storage. He graduated from and attended Kent State University. D'Antonio is a life-long Stow resident and lives with his wife of 13 years, Lynn, and their son Owen.

Brian D'Antonio April 05, 2011 at 02:52 PM
Sorry if I missed you Donny, I do not remember seeing you at any dinner I was at. I am not sure I was at a Dinner with my mom last week. I would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss any issues. Please feel free to contact me at dantonioforcouncil@gmail.com at your convenience.
David Licate April 06, 2011 at 09:16 PM
We have plenty of politicians, now we need problem solvers. We need people with the emotional maturity to avoid personal attacks, cynicism, and mean spiritedness. It is no more reasonable to exclude Brian from consideration because of his family's involvement in public service than to support him because of it. Of course, there can be worse characteritics for a family to have than a desire to serve others. Why don't you listen to the ideas, look at the qualifications, and judge the man? Stow is going to face a serious budget crisis and we need talented people that can work and play well with others to navigate tough times. The negativity isn't useful. Stay positive Brian!
Jeanne April 08, 2011 at 10:15 PM
David, I think the frustration and the point of Don's letter is that we need to completely clean house as far as the City council goes. We have a great start with Mr. Hicken and Mr. Razor. Why is Brian starting out at an at large seat anyways? It states in the article that he has NO experience in public office, other than his parents who have been on the council for years or have held a position for the city, new people need to be implemented into the city. He does have business experance. But I am afraid may will think that he will taking advise from his D'Antonio family, and keep the same old ways, that they have choosen over the many years that they have had their hands in running the city.The future of this city is to get rid of the politics as usual and let people that who understand what the citizens needs are and what they want to be done in our great city, do their job with out constantly being attacked by the clique. We are in a new era with the economy and change is needed. You may think it is negativity, but the truth of the matter is this is reality. Maybe Brian is different from his mother, and that would be great. She has been in the clique that has been running council for years and personally, I do not care for the way she does business. I have spoken to many that feel the same way about the way the older council members run things, and they are quite upset by how they handle things.
Dean Marchok April 08, 2011 at 11:49 PM
We need more people like Brian Razor and Joe Hickens, people who really care about this great community. We do not need business as usual or more of the good ole boys club, sorry Brian!
Stow Resident June 22, 2011 at 08:46 PM
Agreed. More people like Rasor & Riehl are needed. We don't need more politicians like Janet D'Antonio. Fresh voices from people who actually care about the people.
Ed Kent June 23, 2011 at 12:04 PM
Can those who say we need to 'clean house' please offer some examples of what you felt were bad decisions by those they wish to vote out. I'm not for or against those running and haven't made up my mind yet. I would really like to read actual criticisms from opposers and actual praise from supporters instead of general feelings. I do believe buying the golf course was a mistake and felt that way before the purchase, but it's too late now for that. But, that's one thing that does help me think about who I'd like to vote for or against. But, I need more information before deciding who to vote for including the mayoral race.
Stow Resident June 23, 2011 at 03:08 PM
Ed, I would recommend that you go to a few council meetings and you may understand why I feel this way. Janet D’Antonio treats the residents who bring complaints like an annoyance. Then is following meetings when the residents aren’t present she criticizes them. She won’t criticize you while you are there. Sara Drew just sits there not offering an opinion on anything that goes against the mayor because the mayor is endorsing her. Other examples. They authorized spending $20,000 last year on a lobbyist. They voted against cutting their salaries by 40%. Janet is fearful of Rasor & Riehl so she made this sit apart on meetings. Childish. How about the Call Road sinkhole work that was granted to a company with no competing bids? On top of this 102 roads in stow are rated “poor” or in “very poor” condition. I can give you more examples if you’d like.
Ed Kent June 23, 2011 at 05:36 PM
Thank you for some examples. Unfortunately, I along with many others who work 2 jobs to make ends meet, am not able to attend the council meetings. I work days and nights. That is why it is so important to me that my tax dollars are spent wisely. My wife and I have had 2 days off in the last 6 months and can't tolerate public employees who complain that they absolutely must have their health insurance paid for or partially paid for by taxpayers. And, now the school district, with their huge $50,000,000+ annual budget, says they need more money. The unions MUST make concessions as my wife and I have had to do. What did we do? Did we complain? No. We found extra jobs to make up the difference. I'm sure there are teachers and administrators who are willing to work during the summer they have off to make up some of the difference if voters can't afford to pay a tax increase. Surely, hopefully, maybe? Meanwhile, most public workers work 5 days a week and have Saturdays off. I think that's great, but... until they sacrifice like the private sector I will vote no on any tax increases because I don't see they've made the kind of sacrifices many in the private sector have had to make (currently the majority of taxpayers, although that ratio has changed drastically since Obama & the Chicago Machine have been in power). I would also appreciate hearing from any supporters of the 'legacy' council members. I'm trying to keep an open mind until I learn more so I can vote with knowledge.
Stow Resident June 23, 2011 at 07:09 PM
Ed, I know. I don't have to work two jobs but I get off at 5, have to pick up my daughter at daycare, then run home to make dinner. Makes it very hard to attend council meetings at 5:30 PM. I agree, keep an open mind and try to learn as much as possible about all of the council members and candidates. Too few people vote and the local elections are so very important. I'm a democrat but your comments regarding the unions are dead on. Just compare union health care benefits with the private sector to start with. It's insane.
Ed Kent June 24, 2011 at 03:20 PM
I'm independent. I've voted for members of both parties in the past and voted for third party members as well. Unions had their place in history, but it's so unfortunate that they went too far and have demanded so much that our state government is in the position it is now. As a whole they have not been reasonable in their demands and our school board, which is stacked so to speak with many having had past connections with private or public unions, hasn't been tough enough in negotiations. When the taxpayer continues to support the schools by passing a levy every other year for the past 25 years, as has happened in Stow/Munroe Falls, and the board asks for more and more at a time like we have now it's no wonder that the property taxpayers are at wits end. They're at wits end because they don't see unions sacrificing like they have to. Unions expect taxpayers to cough up what they don't have. Unions threaten. Unions bully. Unions have caused many corporations to move overseas. Boeing is the next one in trouble as they struggle to just get a plant going in this nation, but the unions will fight until we see that company just give up and build a factory elsewhere. I'm glad our local leaders, I believe, are tighter with finances. Some may not be likeable or seem accepting of residents complaints, but surely deep down they want to keep our city in budget and not tax our citizens anymore. I've got to try to believe that. I want to be optimistic.


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