Brian Lowdermilk Running for Ward 3 Council

Lowdermilk's name will be along two others on the Sept. 13 primary for Stow Ward 3 City Council.

Next to voters will see Brian Lowdermilk's name on the ballot for the Sept. 13 primary.

If elected in November, Lowdermilk, 47, would be holding office for the first time, but he has run twice for city council in the past. 

Lowdermilk, a District Sales Manager said his profession gives him the experience needed for the public sector.

"I have many years experience managing millions of dollars in sales. Being employed in the private sector, I understand the need to provide improved and better service while controlling cost. I do my homework before I make major decisions ... I also understand that no one, even government can spend more than they take in long term."

A resident of 40 years and a graduate, Lowdermilk said he has a lot invested in the city.

"I've been involved in the community for a long time," he said. "It goes back to storm water issues, helping get term limits on the ballot," and most recently trying to get the . 

"I'm trying to do things that makes the government more transparent, I want the residents to have more say in what their local government does," he said.

Transparency and involvement isn't the only goal in mind if elected. Lowdermilk also wants to do something about what he says is Stow's biggest problem.

"Our biggest issue is shrinking revenue with our income taxes still down from several years ago, state funding cuts and loss of money from the estate tax," he said. "We're seeing an increase in cost to every resident and we need people to come up with new ideas and to think outside the box on how to address this problem without getting rid of services we need to have."

If elected he wants to reduce the city's debt.

"We need to fully fund our roads program, make sure we have enough police to patrol the city and make sure we have qualified people to take care of city services like snow plowing and road repair," he said. "I think within the city there are departments that can be better utilized and provide better services than what we're doing today without increasing the number of employees."

Lowdermilk said he does not support additional increases in fees or taxes.

"Actually, I would look to reduce some fees increased in the last couple years, like the cost for building permits, variance fees," he said.

Brian Lowdermilk is a district sales manager for MACtac in Stow. He is a Stow-Munroe Falls High School graduate and attended the University of Maryland CCAF Aerospace Technology and the University of Akron for regrifgeration installation and maintenance. He and his wife, Michelle, have lived in stow for 40 years and have two daughters, Ashley and Briana.

For more information email Lowdermilk at RBLowdermilk@bemis.com.

Sept. 13 Primary

Lowdermilk is running against  and Joseph Lane.

Current Ward 3 Councilman John Pribonic announced in June that he will be seeking an .

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Karen Gonidakis September 07, 2011 at 04:26 PM
Brian Lowdermilk has a true heart to see good and right things happen in the city of Stow and in society in general. He is an upstanding citizen and wonderful neighbor who is always looking to help.


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