Graham Road Project to Affect 50 Properties

Stow, Cuyahoga Falls start property acquisition process for road widening project

Practically every road-front property on Graham Road from Bath to Hudson roads will be touched by the Graham Road widening plan to improve traffic flow.

Both Stow and Cuyahoga Falls are starting property acquisition for the project, which will require the cities to buy pieces of property along the road in order to widen the street.

Stow City Engineer Jim McCleary said 50 properties in total will see some sort of change, such as to the curb or sidewalk, simply because the road will be widened in front of them.

Nearly all 50 properties will see some portion of land bought by either community to make the project happen.

"It’s a fluid number," McCleary said. "There are four or five that we do not have to purchase right-of-way."

The attached property map, provided by the city of Stow, shows which properties along the project route will be effected.

McCleary said that by now most, if not all, of the affected property owners should have received a notice in the mail.

"All the right-of-way should be in negotiation within 30 days if not sooner," he said.

Construction on the project, with a total cost estimated between $4 million and $4.5 million, isn't scheduled to start until 2014.

"It’s possible to start in January, but it depends on what kind of work they can do in January," McCleary said.


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