Here's Who Won the Stow Council Races

The final, unofficial results from the Summit County Board of Elections is in. Find out who won the at-large, Wards 1, 2, 3 and 4 council races.

Here's the results for all of the All results are final, but unofficial, according to the Summit County Board of Elections.

At-Large: Pribonic, Rasor and D'Antonio are the new at-large councilmembers. (30 of 30 precincts counted)

  1. (current Ward 3 councilman): 6,439
  2.  (incumbent): 5,824
  3. : 4,861

Statement from Rasor:

"I think the biggest problem with Stow's elections are that candidates are unwilling to discuss the issues, and how they would resolve them. Without such a contrast, often it becomes a name recognition game. Regardless of the forces at play with my re-election in particular, I am very grateful for the strong support. I will continue to fight for efficient use of government dollars and for transparency at city hall."

Statement from D'Antonio:

"I would like to thank the voters for their confidence in me and the courtesy they showed me and all my campaign volunteers. I am looking forward to working hard to represent the best interest of all Stow residents."

Other candidates:

  • : 4,318
  • : 4,190
  • : 2,102

Ward 1: (7 of 7 precincts counted) 

  •  (incumbent): 2,045
  • : 921

Ward 2: (8 of 8 precincts)

  •  (incumbent) 1,801
  • : 972

Statement from Costello:

"I would like to thank the residents of Ward 2 for giving me the honor and privilege to represent them for another two years. I pledge, to the best of my ability, I will continue to be fiscally responsible while maintaining and providing the services our citizens deserve and expect.
Starting next year we will have a new Mayor, but many of the same problems. With the help of an improving economy, I hope we will see increasing revenue so we can address some of the more glaring needs of the city. If the economy does not improve and revenues do not increase, then we will have to make some very 'tough' decisions to maintain services and the needs of the citizens."

Ward 3: (7 of 7 precincts counted) There will NOT be a recount, as originally reported. The difference would need to be .5 percent for an automatic recount.

  • : 1,141
  • : 1,105

Ward 4: (7 of 7 precincts counted)

  • : 1,505
  •  (incumbent): 1,186
Karen Gonidakis November 09, 2011 at 01:38 PM
Was that not made public before the election. I think people who have that kind of issues should not be allowed to run for these positions - PERIOD!
Kim DiSanto November 09, 2011 at 03:43 PM
Do you even know the circumstances or details about what you just posted? I doubt it. Shame on you for posting such a comment!
Maggie Balko November 11, 2011 at 02:27 AM
I think the citizens of Stow have made it pretty clear that Sara Drew has earned their trust. I look forward to our City's progress under her leadership. Welcome back, Mr. Costello, Mr. Pribonic, and Ms. Bednar. Welcome to the Mr. D'Antonio and Mr. President Loudermilk


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