RIP Ash Trees — 78 More Infested with EAB to be Axed

With the early spring this year, officials say the trees can't be replanted until the fall.

Sixty-four Ash trees have already been cut down by city employees for being infested with (EAB) and the plan is to cut down another 78 trees by the fall.

Service Director Mike Miller also said that because Stow had such an early spring, the city won't be able to replant any trees until the fall. 

So far, all 63 Ash trees at the city's campground have been cut down and chipped and one more tree on Peterboro Drive was taken down, said Stow Arborist Sue Mottl. 

Because the city and parks departments keep finding the bug in the trees, Miller said the plan to treat any of the trees with insecticides has been extinguished, they must be cut. 

As the trees are being identified as being infested with Emerald Ash Borer, they are being cut by city crews, said Mottl. The next stop is Peterboro Drive, where every Ash on the tree lawns will be cut down.

(The on how to identify an Ash tree and if it is infested, was shot on Peterboro Drive.)

Mottl said she will begin to put door hangers on Peterboro Drive to notify the residents that city crews will be removing the trees soon.

Once the tree and stump is removed, the pieces are chipped by the city into 1-inch pieces, which Mottl said is within state regulations. The chipped wood gets taken to the brush drop off site where it is processed again and included with the other mulch. 

"It does not have any EAB larvae," she said. 

For those who have questions about EAB and the process of cutting down the trees, removing the stump and replanting in the fall may go to a meeting at the community room at the at 7:30 p.m. Thursday.


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