Service Director Doesn't Link Seismic Testing to Fracking

But some readers are skeptical the seismic testing done on Norton Road last week may lead to fracking.

Several readers have brought up the "f-word" after Patch posted a story about .

The odd-looking cables seen snaking alongside Seasons/Norton Road represent just 3.5-miles of a 500-mile exploration mission for natural gas reserves under way in Ohio through at least October.

Mike Martin, project manager for Nicholson Land Services of Tyler, TX, said the cables and related equipment in Stow are part of a seismic testing process that “basically provides us with a road map of the subsurface.”

Martin said the Ohio testing locations were chosen “by geophysicists and we are not privy to that information.” Testing in Stow already wrapped up in a week.

But, many have speculated that fracking may be on its way.

"At this point this process was just to gather information," said Service Director Mike Miller. "I have no basis to tie the 'testing' to 'fracking,' so I cannot speculate on 'fracking' based on the seismic 'testing,'"

But, prior to Miller's comment about not being able to tie the testing to possible fracking, the issue was greeted with mixed feelings from Stow Patch readers.

One reader, "S Kimball" said, "I live in Stow and drive over these cables. I am not happy about this. I believe it will lead to fracking in this beautiful community. I've lived long enough to know to not trust anyone 'in charge' of anything. Tell the truth."

But, another commenter, Rachel Zanath said, "I live on Mac Drive which is off of Norton. These cables are literally in my backyard. I don't have a problem with it. So what if it is for fracking?! I think that'd be great for the City of Stow! JOBS JOBS JOBS! Not to mention ENERGY!"

Read comments from more readers on and the .

jim June 08, 2012 at 10:57 AM
i think you are right about the wires and fraking. the wires are also on the road that kent state stadium is on all the way to ravenna.and the city knows what they are for but they don't want to alarm people.
Debbie S. June 10, 2012 at 07:56 PM
Give me a break. Of COURSE it's fracking related! Oh, and Rachel Zanath: local fracking would bring no jobs to Stow (because companies are going to use experienced people they already employ) and reduce energy costs not one penny (because demand is so high). What you WILL get "literally in your backyard" is a significantly increased risk of contaminated ground water and potential earthquakes.
carlsmith March 28, 2013 at 08:43 PM
hey Debbie S. you're 100% correct. This is all nothing but a quick get rich scheme; and leave landowners with contaminated water. They are dong Seismic testing here now in Coitsville, OH. No one said a word about any testing..all we heard were bomb like sounds going off and my house would just shake! I had no idea what was happening. And plus, there is no water regulations in place..SO GO AHEAD AND SEISMIC TEST YOU IDIOTS! while there is nothing WE CAN DO ABOUT IT! MAKES ME SICK!!!!!


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