Stow and Woman Tasered by Police Fail to Reach Agreement in Federal Lawsuit

The woman Tasered by a Stow officer rejected an offer by the city to settle the case. The dash cam video filmed during the incident is attached to this story.

The 23-year-old Akron woman who filed a Federal lawsuit against the city of Stow seeking $250,000 in damages rejected Stow's offer to settle for $10,000 May 8, according to a Fox 8 News Cleveland story

The Akron woman, Chelsea Garrett, who was by  Officer Jesse Reedy, who , filed the Federal lawsuit claiming police brutality in March. 

On Nov. 5, Garrett was charged with reckless operation, a minor-misdemeanor, and obstruction official business, a second-degree misdemeanor by Stow and charged with a DUI in Akron for bouncing off a median wall on S.R. 8, hitting a vehicle in Akron and leaving the scene of the accident. When she was in Stow, she almost swiped a cruiser Nov. 5, according to the .

on Stow Patch:

“I would never deny that, I was scared watching the video, seeing myself drive like that,” Garrett told Fox 8 News Cleveland

Garrett said she is a diabetic, weighs 90 pounds and on Nov. 5 she was taking an over-the-counter medicine for a cold.

Reedy, who has been on Stow's force four and a half years, told the Use of Force committee (made up of three Stow officers), initially it did not seem like the woman was under the influence of drugs or alcohol or in diabetic shock. 

"Yeah, someone that size is not so much really that I think that she is a huge threat, but I realize that she can still hurt me, she can bite me, she can scratch me," said Reedy during an interview with the Use of Force Committee. "She knew what I was saying and she just didn't care ... she didn't want to listen to it."

The .

"If an officer perceives a threat through the totality of circumstances, he/she does not have to wait until they are harmed to deploy the Taser," the committee said in its ruling.

Garrett pleaded guilty to her charges in Stow, but said she wants to change the philosophy of the use of Tasers. 

“Different policies, different training, I want to make sure that everyone can feel safe because I don’t trust the police anymore, and I’ve never had a trust issue with police or authoritative figures in my life,” she explained to Fox 8 News

Police Chief Louis Dirker said he cannot comment on the case.

"We support the actions of the officer and believe he acted in accordance with training and policy," said Law Director Brian Reali.

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joe simonton May 09, 2012 at 11:03 PM
me???? your the one who looks like Robert Welch
Heather N. Peters May 10, 2012 at 02:52 PM
So why is the city I live in offering up a $10,000 settlement for something they did not do wrong? Um... money could best be spent elsewhere, or if the $ is from taxes, then not taken from citizens in the first place
James Thomas May 10, 2012 at 04:04 PM
joe, I don't think my posting history would put me in with the "Progressive" crowd but I have to go with Ed on this one (minus both of your name calling). I have reviewed all the tapes that were available and have grave doubts about the police actions in this instance. I kept hoping for more evidence to come to light, like an audio track for the stop, but none did. It will be interesting to see how the court case comes out.
BULLDOG February 14, 2013 at 02:17 PM
Joseph Bagodonuts March 01, 2013 at 02:12 PM
On the subject of Police Brutality. If no one else is aware of this phenomenon please be aware that lawsuits against police departments such as this are becoming more and more common on a daily basis. Stop the naivety and ask yourself why else the insurance carrier settled the lawsuit so quickly? After having had the police draw their weapons on me for a simple traffic violation one of my hobbies has been following cases such as this and you should be surprised as to how often this happens and especially to whom, young ladies and grey haired grannies. I now consider myself lucky to be here today. The Police have left startling long trails of seemingly nonsensical forms of brutality upon the public for no apparent reason. I can only assume it is to reassure themselves of their self perceived masculinity. Whether it is a shooting or a police chase that ends in an innocent persons death police departments feel, and even more frighteningly, demand that they not be held accountable for their actions. Unless they are held accountable let this be a warning to all of you; the day is going to come when your wife or grandmother crosses lanes in front of an officer who had just been charged for a coffee and doughnut and feels compelled to take his anger out on the first hapless 'victim' that should cross his path. It seems like since the show 'Cops' came out, the public has been treated as ‘could-be’ terrorists. The police are losing my respect on a daily basis.


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