Stow Disabilities Commission Offers Voter Registration Help to Senior Citizens, Disabled

"We are here to inform you that nothing should stand in the way of each and every one of us to get out the vote." There will be registration drives Sept. 18 and 21 in Stow.

Are you a Stow Senior Citizen or a citizen with a disability who is not able to get out for Election Day?

"We are here to inform you that nothing should stand in the way of each and every one of us to get out the vote," said Chairman Kelly Toppin.

The Commission on Disabilities and the Stow Senior Commission are providing assistance to vote and register and the following voter guide:


  • Sept. 18 at from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
  • Sept. 21 at from 9 to 11a.m.

What to Bring— Be sure you have one of the following:

  • Current and valid Ohio Drivers license; or State Identification card Military Identification Copy of Current Utility Bill

(All forms of identification must be current.)

  • Bring a neighbor or friend who may not be able to transport themselves to the polling place. "Carpooling is a great way to get together and enjoy part of the day with your friends and neighbors," Toppin said. 

Assistance at the Voting Location:

If you cannot mark your ballot due to a disability, or you are unable to read or write, you may receive assistance from anyone, except for the following:

  1. A candidate whose candidacy is being voted on
  2. Your employer or agent of your employer
  3. An officer or agent of your union

Alternate Ways to Vote:

Vote with AutoMARK

All poll workers should be trained to assist voters with using the AutoMARK and there are three ways it can be used.

If you need assistance be sure to askthe poll worker for access to the AutoMARK machine:

  1. Touch 
  2. Screen Keypad (includes Braille)
  3. Sip-N-Puff (the AutoMARK machine has a port located on the front of the terminal that a Sip-N-Puff can be plugged into. (The Sip-N-Puff device must be supplied by the voter.

Curbside Voting

At any polling location that is exempt from the accessibility requirements, if you have a disability and unable to enter the polling place, you can vote curbside.

Two precinct election officials from the major political parties will bringa ballot to you. You may sit in your car to vote, or you may vote at the door of the building.

Absentee Voting

You can vote in person before Election Day. In most cases, in person absentee voting starts 35 days before Election Day and ends at 6 p.m. on the Friday before Election Day. This can be done at the Summit County Board of Elections.

Applications for absentee ballots can be made anytime after Jan. 1, or 90 days before the date of an election, whichever is earlier.

Absentee ballots are available:

  • 35 days before a primary election
  • 35 days before a general election
  • As early as practicable before special elections occurring on a day other than the day the primary or general election is held.

To request an absentee ballot the request must be made in writing to the Summit County Board of Elections or the form can be downloaded at www.MyOhioVote.com.

The information you will need to provide is:

  • Your Name
  • Your legal signature
  • Address where you are registered to vote
  • Birth date
  • Drivers license
  • Last four digits of social security number or current (valid) state or military identification
  • Statement you are a qualified elector
  • If a partisan primary, your party affiliation
  • If you want the ballot to be mailed, the address to where it is to be mailed.

To return your absentee ballot, you may mail it to the Summit County Board of Elections or you can return it in person no later than 6 p.m. the Friday before Election Day.

Unable to Travel to Polling Location:

If you are unable to travel to your polling location on Election Day due to a disability, you can request in writing that the Summit Board of Election deliver an absentee ballot to you.

A written request must include all information required on an absentee ballot and a statement describing the nature of your disability.

You can request the ballot be mailed to you, or request (2) Board of Election employees from the two major political parties deliver the ballot to you. If you are unable to sign or mark the ballot by reason of your disability you may request assistance from the two employees.

You can use Secretary of State Form 11-F to complete your request which can be found at www.MyOhioVote.com and click on “Voters with Disabilities

Unexpectedly in Hospital on Election Day:

If you are unable to travel to your polling location on Election Day because you or a minor child was hospitalized, or there was an unforeseeable medical emergency, you can still vote.

You must submit a completed and signed request to the director of the Summit County Board of Elections by 3 p.m. Election Day and your request must specify where, why and when you or your minor child came to be hospitalized.

Form 11-B can be used to complete your request and can be found at www.MyOhioVote.com then click on “Voters with Disabilities."

Sara Drew September 10, 2012 at 01:37 PM
Many thanks to the City of Stow's Senior Citizens Commission and the Commission on Disabilities for hosting these events. The volunteers on these commissions spend many hours working to improve the lives of Stow's seniors and individuals with disabilities. Here is another example of their commitment to our City and its residents--thank you!


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