Survey on Safety Task Force Posted Online

Residents asked to offer input about mayor's committee on school, community safety

Stow city officials want to know what you think about safety in buildings for the Stow-Munroe Falls Schools and other public community buildings.

This week the city posted a survey in conjunction with SurveyMonkey to gauge residents' opinions about existing and possible expanded security levels in Stow's public buildings.

Click here to take the online survey.

Stow Mayor Sara Drew said the survey is designed to best gauge the public's response for appropriate action regarding possible changes to building safety.

"As we move forward on this, any potential changes may have a cost attached to that, and that has to be part of our conversation," Drew said.

The survey is part of Drew's recently created Stow Safety Task Force, which was established to review security levels in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings in Newtown, CT.

Residents who can't take the survey can still weigh in on the issue by attending a safety task force meeting or by writing or calling the mayor or your council representative.


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James Thomas February 20, 2013 at 03:32 PM
"We have them in courthouses and airports." Apples and oranges. I stopped reading there. There's no logic in the comparison. You thinking putting an officer in every school is "The best possible protection" is simply short-sighted....and definitely NOT based in any fact you can prove. When it comes to homework, practice what **you** preach. You can start by looking up the meaning of the word 'average.' And teacher's salaries have NO relevance here. No matter how hard you try.
James February 20, 2013 at 03:48 PM
Yes you are right James… it is apples and oranges… one place is frequented by adults and the other by children. Why is what I am asking for short sighted James? Do you have anything that says it is short sighted or are you just running to baseless conclusions. Second, you stated you stopped reading there yet made a comment about an item I stated later. So which is it, did you stop reading there or did you continue on? So confusing James! I am also well versed in the meaning of average and I also know the meaning of median… so what is your point exactly… ah yes… you made no point as I expected. Do you know the median income in Stow… ah… I didn’t think you did. Thirdly… once again I did not mention teachers’ salaries… I mentioned another line item on the school budget. Why not try and make a point in your statement and explain to me why having an officer in each school will not provide an increased level of security. Why are you so against having an officer in each school to protect our children James? Don’t our children deserve that kind of protection? It is funny that a concerned parent wanting the best protection for their children would fall under such adolescent attacks for expressing that view and even taking the time to look into the district’s budget to see where the money could come from. I mentioned only one place in the budget but there are many more. Why do you attack concerned parents James? Do you have an issue with concerned parents?
James Thomas February 20, 2013 at 04:27 PM
People like you just do NOT get it. You're as bad as me when I get made fun of ...you start playing the victim and claim you're being attacked. At least you haven't gone running to Mommy Patch like I do. You missed many points. The adults/kids you brought up has no relevance. There are kids in airports and courthouses. You missed the point here. Care to try again? You can keep telling yourself all you want that you're well-versed in the meaning of average. But you don't. Again, the salaries of ANYONE in this city has NO relevance here. You're really reaching in desperation. Just like I do when I blame liberals for everything because I'm stupid enough to believe that republicans are always right and never ever do anything wrong. People like you are quick to think placing police and/or a gun in everyone's hands after something has happened is the ultimate fix. You continue to believe that having an officer -- without even considering any other possible modifications -- is the "best protection." And get off your freaking whiny soapbox that you're being 'attacked as a concerned parent.' That's a bunch of garbage -- and making you sound as much of a baby as I am.
James February 20, 2013 at 04:37 PM
James... once again you have shown you don't get it. I stated an officer... can I be any clearer than that for you... I did not state "anyone." I am using English here James. Second, I stated I used one line item in the budget as an example... once again I cannot be any clearer than that. Your failing is your inability to read the written word in my posts. So as usual, you have made no points and have come back with nothing. Second, I don't go running to Mommy Patch, how old are you? Is it your nap time? Third, I did not once mention that there were not other security measures that can be put in place as well. Go take your nap...
James Thomas February 24, 2013 at 03:04 PM
This Patch is why I think Jack Kelly/James Thomas' postings violate Patch guidelines. He is posting as James Thomas and phrasing it in personal terms. If I started posting under your name in this manner the account would be gone.


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