Want to Track Santa? There's an App for That

NORAD website and smartphone apps let you follow St. Nick's every move.

No need to check out Stow's skies on Christmas to see if Santa Claus is really coming to town. You can track his flight path the high-tech way.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) is charged with keeping the United States and Canada safe from dangers originating from the sky or space.

For Christmas, however, the Colorado-based government agency adds one more important task to its daily list of duties.

The agency will again provide its Official Santa Tracker that marks The Big Man's every move as he makes his way throughout both hemispheres.

Included on the site is a countdown and activity page and a flight tracking system.

Going to be out of the house? Don't worry, you can track Santa on your smartphone or iPhone with downloadable apps.

Kids and adults can have sugar plums dancing through everyone's head before retiring.


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