Stow to Assess Owners of Demolished Houses

City seeks reimbursement of $39,000 in demolition costs

Stow demolished this house on Seasons Road. Credit: Matt Fredmonsky
Stow demolished this house on Seasons Road. Credit: Matt Fredmonsky

The owners of eight properties in Stow are going to see a large bill attached to their next property tax bill from Summit County.

Stow city officials are planning to assess the owners of eight houses the city has demolished or will raze this year for $39,000 in costs related to the work.

Stow Planning Director Rob Kurtz told Stow City Council recently that the eight demolished structures were torn down with financial help from the Moving Ohio Forward grant program.

“These were residential homes that were deemed dangerous and then demolished,” Kurtz said. “The city undertook the demolition and assessment of asbestos abatement if necessary.”

Kurtz said the city paid the initial cost of each demolition.

The Moving Ohio Forward program will reimburse the city for half of each demolition. The other half is what the city is assessing to the property owner by attaching it to the property tax bill.

The eight properties and the amount they will be assessed are:

  • 3637 Elm Road—$3,023.75
  • 3594 Marcella Ave.—$5,860.98
  • 1239 Meadowbrook Blvd.—$2.548.75
  • 1838 Ritchie Road—$4,125
  • 554 Seasons Road—$3,187.50
  • 3290 Verner Road—$8,300
  • 3389 Verner Road—$8,878.08
  • 2876 Whit Ave.—$3,170
The costs will be assessed over a 10-year span.

Stow Mayor Sara Drew said the costs of each demolition varied depending on whether any abatement of asbestos took place and the size of each structure.

“In general, that has been the case,” she said.


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