Auditor Determines School Levy Will Be 6.57-Mills

In order to generate 6.5 million for the school district, the millage will be 6.57, according to the county auditor.

District Treasurer Catherine Bulgrin said the Summit County Auditor's office certified the millage for a possible new money emergency levy in August at 6.57-mills Wednesday.

In order to generate , which is what the approved March 28, the 10-year levy needs to collect at 6.57-mills.

For the owner of a $100,000 home, the levy would cost:

  • $201.21 annually
  • $100.60 for half a year
  • $16.77 a month
  • 55 cents a day

The board only toward getting the levy on the ballot. 

"What's most important to understand is that the $6.5 million doesn’t get us out of the hole ... it only allows us to continue to limp along with reductions," said Boardmember Denny Mariola. "The board would have to take a look at additional reductions."

He said he expects the board to announce further "major expense reductions" by mid-May.

The district, during the last three years, has.

The next board meeting is scheduled for April 11 at  at 6 p.m., when the board is expected to approve going on the ballot Aug. 2.

Ed Kent March 31, 2011 at 03:50 PM
They can ask for a new tax levy up to 3 times in a year if the first two times fails. Of course, those who vote no on a levy that passes never get a second chance like those who ask for the money. Then, if it doesn't pass the 3 times this year, they can ask 3 more times next year, but some on the board may have enough feelings for the plight of the property owners that they may ask the unions for renegotiations. The problem is really with the union's unwillingness to allow more reasonable contracts that fit within the actual revenue the schools receive from all sources. There may just have to be major cuts in staff in order to fit the salaries/pensions/benefits within the current revenue received. It's unfortunate that more of us cannot afford to pay for enough teachers to keep the classroom sizes at current levels, but those are the facts at this time. I'm interested in joining with others to create signs to place throughout the city like the school does prior to each levy vote. I know people who will provide free graphics design for this. I've never had one political sign in my yard and generally hate them. I've never gone door-to-door to talk to citizens about a voting issue. But, I feel stronger than ever that this must be dealt with due to what I see my family and others going thru in this difficult economic time. I'm in media and can provide help with TV, print, radio, web publicity (my time free of charge for this needed action). Who do I talk to? eddy.678@hotmail.com


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