Stow Students Show Love to Classmates, Charity Through Coca-Cola

Stow-Munroe Falls High School Student Council did a "Give-A-Coke" fundraiser, donating the money to a local charity.

Stow-Munroe Falls High School students will be paying close attention to what type of Coke their classmates are drinking on Valentine's Day.

Over the past week student council members have been selling "Coke Grams" for their "Give-A-Coke" fundraiser. 

Students can pay a dollar to send a certain type of Coke to another person. The flavor a student receives can mean something from its sender.

A regular Coke is to signal friendship. If a student gets a Vanilla Coke it means they have a secret admirer.

But, if they get a Cherry Coke, there is major love in the air.

The group's advisor, aptly named Mike Love, said the students were looking for a good opportunity to raise money on this day of romance.

"Students really liked this and got excited about it because it is soemthing different," Love said.

But it's not the actual fundraiser he's most proud of his students for.

Love said his class wanted to do something special with the money they bring in this time.

"After we pay for the Coke all of the profits will go the Freedom House in Stow," Love said. "Students chose this because they want to give back to the veterans who sacrificed so much for them."

Freedom House supports homeless veterans in the community in  an effort to help them become self-sufficient. 

Love believes the students' choice to support such a worthy cause showcases their fantastic qualities.

"This shows how creative, intelligent and hard working our students are," he said. "Student council kids are fantastic leaders who are seeking to better the lives of others and it has been a pleasure to work with them."


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