Places Where the Water’s Fine for Dogs

If you can't find a place to take your dog swimming your're all wet.

Everyone has their own beginning of summer marker; it might be the ice cream truck, an empty school yard, the smell of coconut tanning oil, or a dog who is begging to go to the beach.

There are several options in Northeast Ohio, including the famous park in Stow. Take your choice of river spots and the lake and even pools- there is something for pup who likes to wet their toes to the water hound who has to be begged to come back to shore.

A nationally rated dog park is Bow Wow Beach located in the Silver Springs Park in Stow, Ohio. There you, and your best friend will find a three-acre lake with lots or room to romp. The area is fenced so dogs can run and play to their hearts content. There is a rinse off area for the ride home.

Want to swim with your dog? Then Fairport Harbor located at 301 Huntington Beach Dr. in Fairport Harbor is your answer. Look for the dog friendly area on the east side of the beach. There is a small parking fee, but no admission charge.

The Chagrin River in the Metro Parks is very dog friendly, but keep your dog leashed. An extendable leash (the kind that winds into the handle) is perfect to keep your feet dry. There are quite spots on the river and more turbulent areas too. A nature hike with other pups is way to help the scaredy “cat” get their feet wet. Check out like the one Critter Corner covered early this spring with Jeff Riebe and his Japanese hunting dog Kira.

Although this is a once a season event and signals the end of summer, local pools let dogs (and their people) in on the last day. These events are usually by reservation only and sell out quickly.


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