April SNOW Showers Wednesday in Stow?

According to Aol Weather ... it could happen!

Temperatures have already climbed up into the 80s while it was still technically winter, but leave it to good ol' Northeast Ohio to possibly bring snow back to the area Wednesday when we should be having April RAIN showers. 

Here's this week's forecast according to Aol Weather:

Monday: Partly cloudy skies give way to a 30 percent chance of showers by the evening. High: 59 Low: 39.

Tuesday: Lots of morning sun with a cloudy afternoon. Winds could reach up to 25 mph. High: 45 Low: 36.

Wednesday: There is a 40 percent chance of SNOW and rain early Wednesday morning. High: 48 Low: 34.

Thursday: Expect lots of sunshine with only a 10 percent chance of rain. High: 52 Low: 35.

Check back Friday for the weekend forecast. 


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