Stow Saving $30,000 on Newly Appointed Employees

Vacancies from those who left or retired from their positions are being filled by employees who make less money.

Stow is saving thousands of dollars with the .

"These appointments will not expand the payroll, but will, in fact generate significant savings for the city," said Mayor Sara Drew in her .

Law Department

During the Jan. 12 council meeting,  was promoted to Deputy Law Director. Her promotion reflects a $3,764.80 annual raise. She now makes $31.10/hour ($64,688/year). Her predecessor, John Scavelli Jr., who left for a job with the city of Tallmadge, made $32.33/hr ($67,246.60/year). Kerek's promotion may be a raise for her, but it's saving the city $2,558.60/year.

Also in the law department, Law Director Brian Reali will have a new assistant law director and part-time prosecutor. Council approved Brendan Mackin for a 30-hour a week position. Mackin will make $29.29/hr ($42,177.60/year). His appointment was retroactive to Dec. 7.

Reali said he is also seeking another part-time prosecutor for about 15 hours a week at the same $29.29/hr rate. Hiring part-time employees saves Reali's department $5,500/year on health insurance costs. 

Public Service Director

Mike Miller was appointed as the city's public service director during the Jan. 12 meeting. Miller made $42.33/hr ($88,046.40/year) as the assistant service director. He now makes $44.51/hr ($92,580.80/year), which is a $4,534.40/annual raise for Miller. However, Miller is replacing Dano Koehler who retired last year when he was making $49.31/hour ($102,564.80/year). The city is seeing a savings of $9,984.

Nick Wren, who was previously in charge of the Parks and Rec Department, was appointed as the assistant public service director Jan. 12. He previously made $37.48/hour ($77,958.40/year). He will now make $39.50/hour ($82,160/year). As stated above, Miller made $42.33/hr ($88,046.40/year) as the assistant service director. The city is seeing a savings of $5,886.40 annually now.

City Engineer

Former Assistant Engineer Jim McCleary was appointed as the city's engineer during the Jan. 12 meeting. He previously made $45.69/hour ($95,035.20/year) and will continue to make the same salary. McCleary replaces Bill Drew, who retired at the end of 2011. Drew made $48.46/hr ($100,796.80/year), resulting in a $5,761.60 annual savings.

With the promotion and appointment of employees with lower salaries, the city is saving about $30,000 from 2011.

Hourly salary information provided by Finance Director John Baranek.

Meg Griffin January 16, 2012 at 01:26 PM
The city is heading in the right direction. Hopefully they will continue this trend to get quality employees (and they are out there in this economy) and reduce payroll and benefits. It's hard to find even the above salaries and benefits in the private sector right now. I believe many of our safety and service employees have not had raises in several years.
Amanda Harnocz January 16, 2012 at 01:28 PM
And all of those union contracts are up in 2012, Meg. We'll see what they negotiate.
Meg Griffin January 16, 2012 at 01:32 PM
Yes, I understand that. Thank you. To me, they are the ones on the "front lines"-snowplowing, fire, and police, etc. That is where I would like to see my tax dollars going. Great article!
Jack Kelly January 16, 2012 at 04:59 PM
Excellent detail to point out how much these moves are saving.


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