Armstrong Acted 'Egregious and Disgraceful,' Should Resign: Letter to the Editor

"It is embarrassing to the Stow community that he conducts himself in this manner," said Mary (Beth) Haas in a letter to the editor.

Editor's note: This at the Sept. 10 meeting. 

I sent this letter to the Stow Sentry but it wasn’t published.

Also, please understand that this is solely my opinion and I am speaking on my own behalf without influence from anyone, I simply feel the need to express my thoughts and feelings.

After reviewing tapes of district board meetings and attending some of them, it is my opinion that Mr. Armstrong has acted in an egregious and disgraceful manner as a member of the Stow-Munroe Falls City School Board of Education and should resign.

When business professionals have addressed the Board, Mr. Armstrong has insulted and berated them, and treated administrators and other board members in the same way. It is embarrassing to the Stow community that he conducts himself in this manner.

Instead of being a conscientious leader and discussing with his colleagues how the situation with the former high school principal should be handled, he chose to use the circumstances as an opportunity to, yet again, grandstand to the Stow community in an egotistical way to gain attention while putting the district in a bad light.

As an employee housed in the central office, I was privy to a confrontation Mr. Armstrong displayed after his first board meeting,when he came into and very loudly, angrily and aggressively demanded certain records.
In my opinion his actions were unprofessional and threatening as he tried to bully central office personnel.

Mr. Armstrong was elected to his current position, not through a mandate, but because so many others were also running for the same seat. How unlucky for Stow that the cards fell as they did and he garnered a few more votes than his running mates. This does not make him qualified in any way to serve. It just gives him the title.

Before he was elected he and the other “records request” people have inundated the treasurer’s office with time-consuming requests for information. Is it his motive to task the office so much that they cannot do the jobs they are charged to do? How much is that costing the taxpayers?

Having been an employee of three school districts for a total of 27 years, and as such, had, perhaps, up to 25 different board members as my “employer,” never have I been so embarrassed by the behaviors of any of them, as I am with Mr. Armstrongs’.

His motives and actions speak for themselves and I encourage him to resign.


Mary E. Haas (aka Beth)

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jiim may September 14, 2012 at 01:52 PM
Give armstrong a raise, hes the only one that deserves it in the entire school system
jiim may September 14, 2012 at 02:24 PM
?? How many of you parents paid to have your childrens grade changed???
James September 17, 2012 at 04:29 PM
In her letter and subsequent appearance at the board meeting, Ms. Haas has made her opinion clear as she should be allowed to do. In doing so, she must know that she has by her own will done many of the same behaviors she accuses Mr. Armstrong of doing. As an example, her statement that “Mr. Armstrong was elected to his current position, not through a mandate, but because so many others were also running for the same seat,” can be seen as an attack on his qualifications, his abilities, and his integrity. I voted for Mr. Armstrong, is Ms. Haas also calling into question my judgment? I knew who I was voting for as well. I wanted a Bulldog on the board as I felt there was a lack of transparency which has once again clearly been seen by the “correction” in the meeting notes that occurred at the last board meeting. The main issue I have with this situation is that the high school principle should not have been allowed to resign and receives benefits from my tax dollars. She should have been fired and lost her benefits. She broke the rules and in essence stole from me, the district, and every student in that school that worked hard and did their best to only come up short. She showed that with power on her part and a lack of transparency on the board’s part, that she could do whatever she wanted to do. If Mr. Armstrong believes an action has taken place that crosses the line of integrity, then by all means act and see it through. I am proud of his actions.
jiim may September 18, 2012 at 01:46 PM
Huh!! Did you really write that!!! Rod you did a great job
James Thomas November 29, 2012 at 04:41 PM
"Bulldog on the board" James, exactly the right tone.


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