Stow Police Department Joins Forces with Facebook

Do you like the Stow Police Department? You can virtually "like" it now.

We've heard it since we were young, "Police officers are your friend."

Now, thanks to a Stow Police Department Facebook page, you can "like" the department even more.

The department decided to use Facebook, "basically as a communication tool and for public interest and educational items," said Police Chief Louis Dirker's Administrative Assistant Deb Berkey.

Not only is it a good communication tool, but it allows the department to quickly let residents know what's happening on a daily basis, or hourly if need be.

So far, the department has used the page to alert residents of road closures and water main breaks.

This isn't a one way communication road though, residents can also post comments to the police department's page, said Berkey.

"Public interest items and community events will be posted as information is available," she said.

Multimedia could be posted to the site too.

"Possibly, when and if there are [videos and photos] of community interest that come up" they would be posted on the page, said Berkey. 

While the page can be used as a social media contact, the page is not intended to be used in ongoing or pending criminal investigations, Berkey said.

Click here to "like" the Stow Police Department Facebook page and click here to "like" the Stow Patch Facebook page.


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