Stow's Mayor is Headed to the DNC, but Without the Funny Hat

Patch asked the mayor five questions about her upcoming trip to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC. Some were serious, one was about the silly hats.

was asked asked by the Ohio Democratic Party to attend the upcoming Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC the week of Sept. 3. 

She called it a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

"Not everyone gets the same level of excitement about government and the political process, but for people that share that with me know it will be an amazing experience to be around so many people of the same level of interest and the same passion for elections," she said. 

And while the mayor is a Democrat going to a Democratic convention, she said she still firmly believes in Stow's non-partisan elections. 

"Bi-partisan cooperation on a local level is essential to getting things done," Drew said. 

The mayor will be gone for a few days, but she is taking personal vacation time to go and is not using any city money to pay for the trip. 

Here's five questions Patch asked the mayor about going to the DNC:

1. Q: If President Barack Obama asked you what issues really matter in Stow, what would you say?

A: "There's four things:

  • Infrastructure — roads, sewers, waterlines, etc. 
  • Education — making sure our schools are properly funded and have the support to provide good education for all students.
  • Economic opportunity — Making an environment conducive to small businesses and job creation.
  • A supportive and reasonable safety net of social services — People who have disability needs or have unexpected catastrophes and might be temporarily out of work. 
I think these are issues in Stow and every American city."

2. Q: Who are you most looking forward to meeting at the convention?

A: "Newark Mayor Cory Booker. He seems like a kind of larger than life, hands on, go everywhere kind of person. He's a good speaker, he's done innovative things in Newark — he has done a lot of bi-partisan collaboration things in Newark and he lives in part of the city that has a pretty high crime rate. He really seems like he lives some of the challenges that ordinary Newark residents face. He saved his neighbor from a burning building ... he's just larger than life."

3. Q: Are we going to see you on television in a funny hat?

A: "No … I don’t own any funny hats and I don’t plan on getting a funny hat. That’s a tradition of both conventions … sometimes people wear very ostentatious hats to show support for whatever candidate they are there for. But, if I see any funny hats, I'll share pictures with you."

4. Q: What are you most looking forward to at the convention?

A: "I'm hoping to meet a lot of new people. I have a lot of friends on Facebook or people I follow on Twitter who are political figures in other parts of the state or country that I've never met in person. David Pepper from Cincinnati is one and so is Chris Sealback, Cincinnati councilmen. I'm really hoping I'll have a chance to meet many people, because ... well, where else am I going to meet them?"

5. Q: What do you hope to take away from the experience?

A: "I hope to take away a deeper appreciation of the election process that we have in the United States. No matter what political party you are, or what set of beliefs you have, the fact that we are able to systematically go through this process every four years is really an amazing thing."

Melissa Bysura August 30, 2012 at 04:40 PM
Have a great trip! :)
Leigh Peterson August 30, 2012 at 11:39 PM
How exciting. Enjoy, Mayor Drew!


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