Fire Safety Poster Winner's Art Displayed on Safety Van

Last year Alexis Schultz won the annual contest and recently the fire safety educational van was updated to display her poster on a window.

student had big plans for her Fire Safety Poster this winter and after she won the contest, she got to see how big her art really is this week. 

The winner of the annual contest gets their art blown up and added to the fire safety education van. The last contest was the 44th annual and had the most submissions ever — 251. 

The top 12 finalists from Stow's elementary schools (including ) gathered at  Jan. 12 to .

"Since last [winter] when Alexis's poster was chosen as the graphics winner, she couldn't wait for the day to come to see her poster as a large graphic on the van," said Public Education Safety Officer Sandy Ray said. "Alexis says she feels great that her poster travels all over the City of Stow with her important message to have an escape plan and practice it with your family."

Alexis said the idea for her poster came from some online searching of other Stow Fire Safety Posters from previous years. 

"She knew it was very important to have a colorful and clearly written poster to make the cut. Alexis spent about a couple of hours for about a week to finalize her poster," said Ray.

The winning poster was transferred from paper to graphic by . 

"Each year Craig and Cheryl Evans graciously donate their time and money to provide this Grand Prize for the annual Stow Fire Safety Poster Contest," said Ray.

Schultz's poster featured a drawing.

"When asked if Alexis will enter the contest again this year as a fourth grader she chuckled with a "Probably ... if I can find the time in between dance, softball, volleyball, basketball, oasis and swimming," said Ray.


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